about us

My name is Mr. Scruff, I am a DJ, producer & cartoonist, and like many people, I like TEA! I drink it in the studio, at home, standing up, sitting down, and while DJing. I have also been known to drink tea while standing on one leg.

Since 1999, I have had a stall at my DJ gigs, selling tea & tea paraphernalia (mugs, teapots, tea towels, hamsters etc). On our tours and travels, people constantly asked where they could buy my tea....  

So I decided to set up my own tea company with the intention of providing top quality, great tasting, 100% organic and ethically produced brews which I love to drink myself, as well as being sure that other folks love them by taste-testing them at music festivals such as Glastonbury, Big Chill and Womad, as well as our Teacup Cafe in Manchester. All our teas are packaged in chlorine-free, compostable teabags, recycled cardboard or a reusable caddy with a biodegradable cellophane inner. 

All our teas have a big flavour, more of a wrestler’s brew than a builder’s! 

The jewel in our crown is a fantastic English Breakfast tea, which is a single-estate Assam. Another firm favourite is the incredibly popular Mint & Chilli. More recently, we have added the very mellow Big Chill tea, with rooibos, pear & cinnamon and Look Lively!, a rather perky number, with lemongrass, yerba mate & mint. Reports of a cheese & onion tea are as yet unconfirmed..

You can buy any of our teas on this website, and we are stocked in good delis, cafes, organic and wholefood stores all the way from Aberdeenshire to the Channel Islands and at larger stores such as Selfridges and Booths supermarkets, so get filling that kettle!

our philosophy

We’re a very small and very new tea company, still learning about the best ways to go about our business. Our main priority is to bring you the best quality and best tasting teas and brews with minimum impact on the world around us and, at the same time, doing our best to work with suppliers who adhere to strict ethical and environmental policies.

All our teas, herbal and fruit ingredients are 100% organic, meaning they grow at natural speed without the help of chemicals. They are certified by the Organic Food Federation. We think this makes them taste much better as well as being OK for the environment. Our English Breakfast tea comes from organic estates in Assam in India. We have recently introduced our official Fairtrade English Breakfast tea from the same organic estates, and we are planning to bring you more Fairtrade products in the future. Our herbal and fruit ingredients are grown mostly in Europe, where the workers’ conditions are far better controlled than in the developing world, so the Fairtrade Mark doesn’t apply. The Yerba Mate in the Look Lively! is organically produced in Argentina where more and more growers are converting easily and successfully to organic production thanks to ample and natural fertile soil and the low use of chemical inputs in conventional farming.

We’ve made an effort with our packaging too – the card cartons are made from 80% recycled cardboard and the teabags are made from chlorine-free paper and are compostable. Our tin caddy is eternally reusable or recyclable and the inner bag is biodegradable.

Whenever we sell cups of tea from our Make Us A Brew! tent or stall at festivals, gigs and clubs, a percentage of the profits go to charity. Recently, we have supported the World Development Movement, Karmi Farm Clinic & Francis House Children's Hospice.

Anyway, enough rambling, I’m off for a brew!

Mr. Scruff